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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Lifted Loop Increase

So, to get more stitches we can cast on at the beginning or end of a row.  (The loop-over works well for this.)

But in the middle of a row, we can’t cast on.  Then our choices are to

            make something out of nothing:  the yarn-over (yo)
            turn one into two:   the bar increase (kb-f or kf-b)
                 and moss increase (kp)
            raise the running yarn:  the make-one increase
                 (M1R or M1L)

or we can lift a loop (KRL or KLL).  This is a good choice when many increases must be made in the same row, because a long sequence of bar increases or make-one increases can get really tight. 

You’re going to find this easier if I give you the long version:

            KRL = knit right loop
            KLL = knit left loop

So where’s this right loop we’re going to knit?  It’s the top of the stitch immediately below the unworked stitch presently on your left needle.  

Just lift it (with your left needle) and knit into the back of it (with your right needle).  Then continue on course.  Easy.

And that left loop we’re going to knit?  It’s the top of the stitch two stitches below the worked stitch presently on your right needle. 

Lift it with your right needle, place on left needle, knit into the back of it.  Continue on course.

If “raised” and “lifted” get confusing, just remember—

            we raise the runner
            we lift the loop

Tomorrow, for you who have stuck with this whole exercise, a bonus:  the invisible increase.  Did you know there was one?

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