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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Golden Fleece

And then there's Shrek2.  This intrepid Merino ram and his buddies eluded capture by the shepherds for seven years, living on their own in the wild high country of New Zealand.

By the time he was finally rounded up and shorn, his massive fleece weighed 68 pounds.  The staples were ten and a half inches long, in contrast to the usual three inches.  That made it most desireable for spinning, so it commanded a price commensurate with its rarity.

Ashford, the legendary maker of fine spinning wheels, held a contest for those who completed a project using Shrek2.  According to their newsletter, Penny Landen, of Edgewood, Kentucky, was the winner.  She worked her twenty grams into a pillow featuring a white ram on its way elsewhere. 

The pillow bore the motto, "Run, Shrek2, Run!"

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