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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Showing Your Work to Best Advantage

How do you photograph your work to look its best?  Well, it probably helps if you have a young, beautiful model.  My daughter-in-law Sherri politely agreed to my Thanksgiving plea.  "While you're here, could I please ask you to model my newest design?"  (The results of our photo shoot are on the right.  Click on the link to see more ways Sherri used Sally Lightfoot.)

A caveat:  the young model must not be so stunning that she steals the show.  Cleavage is definitely a distractor; that's all some viewers will notice.

Some folks rely on a clothesline.  This works if your back yard is attractive and free of clutter and it's not raining or snowing or blowing.

Some folks lay the work out on the floor.  But please, please, please don't let the cat (or dog) curl up on it.  That is SUCH a turn-off.  If you don't respect your own work enough to keep the animals off it, what does that tell the viewer?

I've seen photos that used those blocking foam squares, the ones with brightly colored cartoon images, as a background.  Again, major distraction. 

If the garment is suitable, you can hook a hanger over the top of a door.  That usually works well enough.