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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some Like it Garter

Among knitters, there's quite an appetite for patterns that use garter stitch a lot, or even exclusively. Something about  coming into that stitch back to front makes a lot of folks uneasy. 

Our ancestors may have felt the same way, for garter enjoyed great popularity among Victorian knitters. So did the ubiquitous yo, k2tog, the most basic element of lace knitting.

Well, here's a lass that makes a nod toward that heritage yet has her fashion solidly forward: Sheila Has-No-Purls.

The prototype, for lack of an appropriate model, spent a couple of weeks languishing in my craft room. Then Lori showed up to sell us some advertising. She was most elegantly accoutered—almost as if for an evening out, I thought, enviously—but green turned to gold when I realized that there was my appropriate model.

She was shy; I was persistent, cajoling. So, trusting me, she took those delightful strappy sandals out onto our lawn and donned Sheila while I snapped away. Later she told me I'd put her at ease, and that the shot that showed her smiling captured the real Lori.

See? The universe really does provide.