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Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping On

One loop through another, keeping on keeping on, the most ambitious project gets knitted.  If the daily process is a joy, the vest, sweater, coat will knit itself.

Just like the book this blog is turning into.

Who would have thought, when John and Sherri gave me that bison fiber, that it would begin a train that led here?  Now the neck warmer I'm knitting for John, still only half finished because I had to phone around and send for some more Buffalo Gold, is the yang portion of the cover design for the book this blog is becoming.  The yin is Buckwheat, also at this moment unfinished. 

(Christmas, and the book's gifting to loved ones, is many months away, but I'm not looking at that epiphany.  I'm just pulling one loop through another, here.)

It's an appropriate symbol:  the unfinished project, the mesmerizing duality of process/product.  And the message is that with knitting, and books, and lives, it's all about just keeping on keeping on.

The outcomes reveal themselves.  Our assignment is to just pull one loop through another, joyfully.

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