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Monday, September 3, 2012

Unfinished Business

How many unfinished knitting projects can you tolerate?  How many must you generate?

Some folks are driven to finish the current project before casting on for the next.  Others can merrily start three or four projects, alternating among them, ultimately finishing each one.

I'm in the latter camp.  Good thing I have a large collection of needles and a wide range of yarn weights in my stash.

At this moment I have five projects on the needles--circular, always circular:

"Sweet Dreams," by Boo Knits (part of the In Love collection on Ravelry, see Sweet Dreams), is a romantic, lavishly beaded shawl requiring close focus.  It's going to be worth the concentrated attention, but I figure my persistence span is about two rows a day.  So that's my quiet time project #1.  I'll speak of it further; stay tuned.

"Holden," by Mindy Wilkes (a free download on Ravelry, see Holden), is a lacy shawlette some folks used for this year's Ravelympics.  I'm up to the lace portion, which qualifies it as another quiet time project, though not so demanding as Sweet Dreams.  It's in quiet time #2 position.

"Semele," by Asa Tricosa ($6 USD on Ravelry, see Semele), is an intricate confection requiring that I sit tight and read carefully.  I've begun enough to know it's going to be gorgeous in silk ("Apricot Falling Off the Twig," dyed by a couple of young ladies in Nuremberg--so magical these Internet connections).  It's in quiet time #3 position.

"Spectra," by Stephen West (yes, real men do knit), is my pick-up-and-take-along piece ($6 USD on Ravelry, see Spectra).  Its rational repeats keep the fingers busy while the mind engages in conversation.  Everybody needs a knit-and-talk project.

"Blackberry Blossom Scarf," by Erica Jackofsky (FiddleKnits, $5 USD on Ravelry, see Blackberry Blossom Scarf), begins with an outrageous cast-on in excess of 600 stitches--beaded, no less--and then some lovely lace work with nupps, but now I have it to the pick-up-and-take-along stage, so it's knit-and-talk #2.

And then there's my own newest unvention [thanks, E.Z.], a sideways-knit coat of many colors that uses only garter stitch, thereby qualifying as an excellent Road Trip project.  (You CAN knit without looking, can't you?)  Stay tuned for more details and some photos.

So that's, let me see . . . oh my goodness, SIX current projects in process.

That might be my all-time high.  What's yours?    

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