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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Your Beads On #1

Sweet Dreams, that delightful confection of a shawl, uses beads for glamour and for drape.  They're knitted on, which in this particular case presented something of a challenge, which I'm going to get around to in due time.

First, a word about beading in general.  Most patterns will tell you what size and how many beads to buy.  They'll also guide you as to bead placement, either in written instructions or with a chart.  From there, you're on your own.  The choices can be bewildering, as a visit to any good online retailer (such as will prove. 

Example:  When I worked Basilica in hand-spun pygora, I used 4mm (#6) round glass beads in a lovely apricot hue.  For Blackberry Blossoms (see previous post) in washable merino, I used #6 cube-shaped glass beads with a raku finish.  For Sweet Dreams, worked in silk/seacell, I chose 4mm round beads of real garnet

The garnets got me into trouble, and thereby hangs a tale I'll relate in my next post. 

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