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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making Do

I'm knitting with a toothpick.

It's not that much smaller than the #5 double-points I'm working on right now.  I don't have a cable needle in the house, if indeed I ever did.  And the spare #5 double-point keeps sliding out, flopping around, getting in the way.  But the toothpick just agreeably sits there holding that single stitch I'm cabling, and while it's waiting for its next assignment, it's resting between my lips.

It's a lot easier on the teeth than an aluminum #5.

If I own stitch holders, I can't find them, so usually I just use safety pins.  Or an out-of-service small circular needle.

Stitch markers are handy, but in a pinch I've been known to use paper clips.  Loops of yarn.  Little squares of paper I've poked the needle through.

How many ways do we find ourselves making do, rather than running to the store or postponing a project?  Knitters are a creative lot, given to substitution and adaptation.  "Whatever works" might well be our motto.

What's your favorite make-do?

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